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“Butter Elixir Face Oil: This all-natural face oil started showing up in makeup artist Tom Pecheux’s kit about a year ago after one of his assistants found it at a store in Brooklyn, and he’s never stopped using it since. “I love the smell, I love the fact it’s oily but it doesn’t feel greasy, and that it doesn’t feel like there’s much left over on the skin after application,” he explained. “You know how sometimes when you put on oil it’s hard for the skin to absorb it and it’s hard for the makeup to stick to the skin and not slide around? Well, this obviously doesn’t do that, otherwise I wouldn’t use it.” And because it features an all-star list of oils—apricot, rosehip, and argan—it’s not only intensely nourishing, but it’s also good at soothing raw, dry, or flaky skin, even around the gentle eye area.”

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