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They have been featured in VOGUE and are really one of the best Natural Products I have come across. If you ar elooking for Natural and Luxury in the same package BUTTER is for you. BUTTERelixir is a high-quality unisex product line with a refined, elegant packaging that is able to appeal to people that […]

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Caitlin Cooks

“No fake perfumery scent and unnecessary chemicals. I use BUTTERelixir body + hair oil right before yoga to get in the whole focused, relaxed mindset. This product lives up to the Butter mantra that “nature is potent.” I used to wear a lot of different perfumes but after learning about all the yucky ingredients I’ve […]

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Vouge Butter Elixir


“I have sneakily become super crunchy in my beauty behaviors, and there are two products I need to survive this season. Butter Elixir’s body oil is made with almond, argan, lavender, and chamomile; rubbed in after a shower, it’s total heaven. And Fire Cider is my new favorite cure-all! You can use it as a […]

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The Exact 2 Products Used Get Glow-y Skin at The Row


That’s when I spotted two rather under-the-radar products at his station next to heaps of perfectly organized M.A.C. makeup: Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream (a French pharmacy brand staple) and Butter Elixir Face Oil (a small batch blend of rose-hip, apricot, and argan oils). When a model comes inside from the blustery cold, the first thing […]

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BUTTERelixir was born in New York under Lorenza’s impulse. After 20 years working as a jewelry designer for legendary fashion houses, she decided to study yoga and chose Eddie Stern as a teacher. Nowadays, she’s practicing yoga in a very assiduous way and she is also teaching it. Therefore, Lorenza created BUTTERelixir, a unisex brand […]

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Follow Your Trolley

Einfach zufrieden sein… …so lautet die wunderbare Botschaft, die mir aus dem Päckchen von der Saint Charles Naturapotheke in Wien entgegenstrahlt, in dem sich auch ein kostbares Produkt für Körper & Seele befindet: Das BUTTERelixier wurde von drei befreundeten Yogis in New York kreiert und soll auf der anderen Seite des Teichs einen regelrechten Hype […]

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